Q&A: Can I get a video that will help my case

Hi Roller, “Can I get a video that will help my case? And how do I obtain a video?”

Brian Roller:

The simple answer?  You must act quickly!  Most establishments that have video surveillance will record over existing video about every 30 to 90 days, depending on the business.  They are not under any duty to preserve any video for your benefit, unless you specifically demand that they do so.

So, if you’ve been injured because of a slip-and-fall accident inside a store, hotel, restaurant, parking lot or some other private property, It’s important to contact us right away to assist you in making sure that all evidence is preserved and saved. For example, a store’s security footage may show that there was a dangerous condition, such as a spill, or a wet floor from mopping, that caused you to slip and fall. If this happens, ask for a manager immediately; look for witnesses; request an incident report and if you’re injured – seek medical attention.

Common causes for injuries in stores include:

  • Damaged grocery carts
  • Bunched, improperly positioned, or missing floor mats
  • Slippery floors from leaks and spills
  • Faulty entrance and exit doors
  • Items falling from grocery store shelves
  • Aisle obstructions from boxes, pallets, and food
  • Cracked and uneven outside pavement
  • Tainted or spoiled food

Once you demand that evidence be saved, the establishment is obligated to do so. As you can imagine, video can be “best evidence” in your case, but once it’s gone – it’s gone forever.

There are many different sources that can help with your case: 

  • Surveillance video from a retailer or another third-party source
  • Video from your smartphone
  • Dashcam video 
  • Traffic cam

Facing your insurance company alone without our help will be complicated.  The attorneys at Roller Law are experts in slip and fall cases and will fight to get you the money you deserve.

Call us today. The call is free, as is the claim review and consultation. 

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