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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

A personal injury attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents is well aware that over 80 percent of all motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. Statistics show more than 2,500 motorcyclists die in accidents each year and another 50,000 are injured, many severely. Seventy-five percent of all motorcycle accidents involve automobiles, and many of them happen because the driver of a car or truck simply did not see the motorcyclist. Many of these accidents are not the fault of motorcyclists but instead are the fault of inexperienced, inattentive, or reckless drivers. Unfortunately, most motorcycle injuries occur because the automobile driver does not see the motorcycle.

Motorcycle accidents usually happen because of negligence, either the carelessness of inexperienced, inattentive, or reckless drivers or the actions of manufacturers and merchants who make and sell defective products. Frequently, they involve both personal injury law and product liability law. Liability for accidents is generally determined using the rule that a less careful person involved in an accident must pay for at least some of the damages suffered by a more careful person. Common issues related to motorcycle accident litigation include traffic and registration law compliance, as well as equipment design, manufacture, and maintenance. Motorcycle accidents also involve unique insurance provisions. Most states require motorcycle insurance to protect an injured rider against an under-insured or uninsured motorist.

When a motorcycle injury occurs, a thorough investigation and evaluation of the cause(s)–conducted by a personal injury attorney with direct experience handling motorcycle accidents–is always the best way to proceed. Once the cause of the motorcycle accident and severity of the injury is determined and liability is ascertained, a motorcycle injury lawyer and the victim can reach an informed decision about whether or not to pursue a lawsuit or other legal option.

The skilled personal injury lawyers and accident attorneys at Roller Law and its affiliate law firms are extremely aggressive at representing motorcycle accident victims and have represented more than 100 motorcycle injury cases to successful conclusions. They understand the complexities of investigating, litigating, negotiating, and resolving motorcycle injury claims and are experts at effectively dealing with the bias that motorcyclists and their passengers often experience from law enforcement. In addition, they are expert at presenting motorcycle injury cases to insurance adjusters and juries. Our resources include a top-notch team of professional investigators and experts who can analyze the evidence and help our motorcycle injury attorneys obtain swift justice and maximum cash awards for injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of wages, motorcycle repair, protective motorcycle gear repair, and all other related costs and expenses.

If you have suffered a motorcycle accident injury, or if someone in your family died as the result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, contact the law offices of Roller Law. A motorcycle injury lawyer on our team can offer you a free, confidential evaluation of your case and advise you of your rights.

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